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Hongyan Gu

Ph.D. Candidate at UCLA ECE

Email: ghy [at] ucla [dot] edu

My name is Hongyan Gu (Chinese: 谷宏言). I am a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA HCI Research advised by Prof. Xiang 'Anthony' Chen. I study human-AI collaboration techniques to assist pathologists in examining digital pathology scans. In the last three years, I have built human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) collaborative systems that deliver AI to pathologists.

My research lies in the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and computational pathology. My goal is to improve pathologists' navigation efficiency, examination accuracy, and diagnosis reliability with the help of AI. Recently, I have been investigating pathologists' negligence while working with AI.

Before my Ph.D. study, I obtained my MSc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles, and B.Eng. in Control Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University.

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