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Lessons Learned from Designing an AI-Enabled Diagnosis Tool for Pathologists

CSCW 2021

Authors: Hongyan Gu, Jingbin Huang, Lauren Hung, and Xiang 'Anthony' Chen

Abstract: Despite the promises of data-driven artificial intelligence (AI), little is known about how we can bridge the gulf between traditional physician-driven diagnosis and a plausible future of medicine automated by AI. Specifically, how can we involve AI usefully in physicians’ diagnosis workflow given that most AI is still nascent and error-prone (e.g., in digital pathology)? To explore this question, we first propose a series of collaborative techniques to engage human pathologists with AI given AI’s capabilities and limitations, based on which we prototype Impetus — a tool where an AI takes various degrees of initiatives to provide various forms of assistance to a pathologist in detecting tumors from histological slides. We summarize observations and lessons learned from a study with eight pathologists and discuss recommendations for future work on human-centered medical AI systems.

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